Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear ABC,

As a long time fan of your service and proud supporter of broadcast television, I have learned to overlook many of your faults and mistakes. For example, I no longer throw the TV guide when I realize Castle isn't on until 10 due to a show you air for 3 hours a week and should have canceled 3 years ago. I pushed through when Lost fell down the drain and only mildly mocked those that chose to continue watching it when both the viewers and the show itself were "lost" in a realm no one understood. Even after Good Morning America tumbled underneath the wheels of every other broadcast television morning show our relationship endured. Until now.

After some recent developments our view-network relationship is suffering. No longer can I proudly turn my TV to your stations! The phase of ignorance is long past and I can no longer sit and watch you make mistake after mistake! As a viewer I find it necessary to aid you in your business pursuits and provide you with this letter of intervention.

The first order of business I care to address is the success/failure of your medical dramas. Greys Anatomy was a hit. No denying that. Private Practice. That was pretty great too but we'll see where that goes. Off the Map is an entirely different situation. I fought it, I really did. I thought it looked awful. I watched and still thought it was pretty terrible but I was hooked. The doctors were too sexy and the location just to amazing to ignore. I could handle poor plots, bad acting, and inaccurate spanish, the show was sexy and there was no denying it. Then, after I began excepting it's faults, it left me hanging and never returned. Suddenly after a very eventful episode it was canceled! That's no way to treat the viewers! It pisses them off! You're suppose to keep us watching so you get paid by the advertisers! At least let the show go through one whole season! Don't just stop mid way!

This happened again but with a less advertised show; The Whole Truth. I stumble upon the Whole Truth on accident. I was looking for something to watch when I recognized the two main actors, Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow. I loved it from the start. In fact I don't know if I have ever loved a court room drama so much. The chemistry between the two characters was exceptional but before I knew it, you cancel The Whole Truth too.

I now have one more stack of potatoes to sort out with you dear ABC. Body of Proof. I realize this was just another attempt to battle CBS's control over crime shows but it was actually a good one. I enjoyed it even though it wasn't as successful and humorous as Castle or any other crime drama out there, it just needed a little time. For all the commercials and work you put into this show it deserves some more air time. What happened to Megan's daughter walking in on her and a man? I know you have more episodes that you're keeping from us. Wouldn't it just be better to air them now, during the summer, when anyone will watch anything?

As you can see, you are acting reckless. Stop canceling dramas in the most attention grabbing moments. Be kind. Let them run a little longer. Maybe pair them with more successful shows. I don't care what you do but please start treating your viewers with more respect. Let them have closure with the characters you pull them in on. Let them watch good shows and not settle for one of the many poor game shows you host. Let them know that you care about what you produce. And let yourself be successful and popular. You can do it. Really you can. I know you can because long ago, you could, and you were.